How to take your Euro-based B2B SaaS company from $0-$1M in 12 months or less using a US-based inside sales team.

Break into the US market profitably without having to burn a bunch of Euros and red-eye flights.

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How Did This Come To Be?

We’ve used this method to help B2B SaaS companies start and scale a highly profitable inside sales team. 

It all started four years ago when we helped a B2B SaaS company start their very first inside sales team that radically increased their lead flow, grew pipeline, and eventually helped them exit to Private Equity. 

We spoke to dozens of frustrated European Founders who were having success in Europe and wanted to have similar success in the US. 

We looked everywhere for a strategy on how to do this, but we found nothing specifically for European companies that wanted to profitably enter the US market. 

We decided to take matters into my own hands and start helping these founders build a US-based sales machine. 

The old way involves entering the US market without making any change to the sales message or approach.   

We’ve seen what happens next.

Many founders will blame the product or the American buyer. 

We both know it’s not the buyer. 

It’s your sales process, or lack of sales process. 

Luckily there’s a better way to find the optimal US sales machine.

What Is A US-Based Inside Sales Machine And How Does It Add Jet Fuel To Your Existing European Revenue?

Creating a customized and unique approach to the US market. Creating, testing, and iterating the sales arguments, and sales process to find the optimal sales machine.

Establishing a US-based team that can connect with your ideal buyer, and flooding your calendar with leads anxious to learn about this new tech.

Here are the steps to profitably enter the US market:

  1. Create the optimal sales messaging uniquely created for the American market.
  2. Recruit, interview, and hire a US-based sales team.
  3. Manage, and optimize the team.

Now there are a few ways to achieve this.

There Are 3 Keys That Most Euro SaaS Founders Are Missing That Costs Them Millions Of Dollars In Missed Revenue Potential When they Try to Build in The States on Their Own…

#1 Crafting a message for the American market can be complicated and nuanced.

Let’s face it, Google translate is great for finding your way around a city or for a quick email. 

But it’s not going to help you craft compelling sales language that grabs the attention of a busy American buyer.

#2 The skills needed are so specialized, it will take you at least 12 hours per day for 1 year to become proficient without any help.

We’re not born with the ability to build compelling foundational sales messaging or with the ability to recruit, hire and motivate a top tier US sales force.

These skills have to be carefully crafted over a long period of time to get great.

#3 Any sales leader worth his/her salt is already employed and not looking for a job (sorry, but it’s true).

It’s never been more difficult to find great sales and marketing talent here in the states. 

Good for candidates, bad for you. 🙁

Luckily, there’s a better way for CEOs, and founders who have always wanted to launch their product into the US and want to scale this market to $1M in the next year but don’t have the time or money to figure it out on their own.

Option 1: Try to do it all yourself. Spend a bunch of time, spend a bunch of Euros, and spend a lot of time on an airplane trying to launch the team from 7 time zones away.

Option 2: Hire someone in the States to just start selling for you…however you’ll invest $25k+ in hiring and onboarding, only to have them get frustrated with the lack of American lead gen. They’ll make a bunch of excuses and end up quitting on a Tuesday, and not giving you any notice.


You can have us build a US based sales team  for you and solve this problem in the correct order and achieve 7 figure plus scale velocity and expand your impact in the states all while you sit back and have your competition wonder how you did it (that’s our favorite part).

Which again, we build the whole thing for you in as little as 90 days.

Here’s What you Can Expect When You Work With Us:

Step 1

Launch your SaaS in the most profitable and efficient way into the US market.

Step 2

Build the US sales process from lead to close and systematize for scalability.

Step 3

Recruit, hire, and onboard the US-based sales team.

Step 4

Train the US-based sales team on the newly created sales process.

Step 5

Implement and iterate the sales process as needed.

Here’s How We Work with Our Clients:

Here’s what You can expect in just 90 Days

100% consistent lead flow within the first 90 days
Up to 30% reply rate for LinkedIn social messaging or cold emails
Predictable and scalable sales pipeline
Up to 30% reply rate for LinkedIn social messaging or cold emails


Limited Spots Due To Intense Work Scope

Due to the intimate nature of our involvement, we only work with 5 clients per month. So if you are interested, make sure you act now or you might not get another chance until next month.

Of course, we back everything up with a guarantee. Meaning if we don’t deliver 20 new sales appointments to you within the first 90 days of our engagement we’ll work unpaid until we do.

This offer is only for B2B SaaS founders with a product that’s already successful in their home market and wants to go from $0-$1M in the US market in 12 months or less.​

For those that meet the criteria, you’ll get a fully built US-based sales team producing a minimum of 20 sales appointments within 90 days.

We’ll find the optimal sales messaging and process.

Recruit, interview, and hire a US-based sales team, hungry to grow your business. 

Onboarding of these new hires so they reach profitability fast. 

Ongoing sales coaching and management so your team is consistently setting new records. 

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