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“I have been in your position: wanting to scale my business without a ton of risk, wanting to “fail fast” so I can get to success. In my 20 years as a digital marketer and startup mentor, I found many businesses trying to grow “risk-free” with disappointing quick fixes rather than employing real experts. This is why 90 percent of B2B startups don’t make it beyond three years.

I know that your business needs to keep new leads coming in the door without bogging down your sales team with dead ends. With the help of automation, you can build your customer base, covering lead identification, nurturing, acquisition, and retention. This is the only way to get a competitive edge. Our company has implemented customized automation processes for hundreds of startups and SMEs.

With our expertise, we created an e-book that will provide you with valuable insights on how to get started automating your own sales processes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!”

Thorsten Linz
CEO, Innovare AI