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Companies that Work with Us

Our Marketing Automation Experts helps you deliver on any Lead Generation Automation challenge

Innovare AI is ideal for B2B companies that are looking to predictably scale their lead generation and sales.

Quick Response & Delivery

Our clients are looking for us to be thorough in our process, to be consistent in quality work and deliver results quickly. That’s what we stand for.

Proactive Team Effort

Even on a straightforward delivery based on your requirements, we’ll point out anything that seems relevant to increase the reply rates of your lead generation automation.

More than 20 Years Experience

Our team has digital marketers and automation engineers with as much as 20 years experience combined in custom digital marketing and marketing automation projects. Based in California and Germany, we know exactly how to deliver on tough process and automation challenges.

You're in good hands

Here's how we make a difference for our clients

We help you develop the right lead automation strategy for your business.

Lead and sales automations have become very popular in recent years, but too often we see that marketers get it wrong. A lead automation can quickly generate super cheap (but highly qualified) leads and will help convert those leads into clients step-by-step. 

Truth is for a good lead automation need both of these:

  1. A good marketing automation strategy 
  2. An automation tool set that constantly delivers and nurtures new leads

We can you with either or both.

Leverage our Visual Reports powered by Funnelytics

Forget Google Analytics, if you’re looking to visualize your lead automation results and optimize accordingly you need Funnelytics. Our team of Certified Funnel Pro’s have mastered the solution to map out actions and steps, so you can leverage the data for better results of your funnel AND your business.

Don't take our word for it

Here're some examples of marketers that took their lead and sales automation to the next level by working with us.
The program has been helpful as I scaled Memori during this period, particularly how your team listened to our challenges and gave us specific strategy advice to ensure that we have the right technique to carry out our experiments and achieve the best outcome.
Queenie Chong
Memori.io, Founder
Innovare AI has really challenged me to look at how I approach different aspects of our business and has been a great partner in talking through different strategies and tools.
Michele Munzel
Besserzuhause.com, CMO
Innovare AI helped me drive exactly the kind of prospects to me that I needed to engage with for my startup's customer discovery calls, and it was fast! I got all the support that I needed on the journey. Innovare AI will be part of my outreach going forward.
Tom Malone
Ulysses VR, CEO

You should focus on what matters for your business, which is substantial growth by leveraging the right tech and processes to get ahead of your every day challenges. Through our team of experts, we help deliver on both to maximize your return on investment.

Cases like these are what we love to deliver on: result driven lead and sales automation where automatically targeting the right audiences helps you grow your business and reduce lead costs.

Thorsten Linz

Executive Digital Productions

@ Innovare AI

What to expect from our team

Here are the type of requests our team often delivers on

1. The “help me configure my marketing automation” job

We get these requests quite regularly. From adjusting your fixing your Zapier configuration to setting up web scraping. Fairly easy when you know where to look, a challenge if you don’t. Drop your briefing in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get you sorted on any type of configuration. And if it doesn’t fit the standard, we’ll get you a custom solution for it.

2. The “automation integrations and API” job

Nowadays it feels like we can’t accomplish anything without integrations and API connections. These connections between systems allow for them to ‘talk to each other’ to exchange data and automate sales processes. Our team can deliver on these using Zapier or Pabbly or through a custom integration developed in-house. Let us know what you would like to achieve!

3. The “help me set up my lead generation tool” job

We often see clients come to us when they get stuck setting up their own lead generation or sales automation tool. We handle most of the different solutions out there. From complex custom tools to out of the box automation tools, we’ll handle that for you.

4. The “done for you sales automation with all the bells and whistles” job

We like this one the most. It is our full sales automation process custom-built for your business. It includes message-market fit testing, prospecting and cold email automation, website prospecting and hyper-personalization of your email communications and landing pages. It is somewhat complex but you will be seeing results fast. Let’s connect.