There are new rules for automated demand generation and sales.

What worked last year won’t cut it anymore.

Data Native

Innovare AI handles the heavy lifting of finding the data that helps you close deals. Innovare AI taps into dozens of different data sources to give you the most current and extensive business data in the world.

Prospect from more than 800 million business contacts and 30 million companies. Tap into more than 200 million domains to get technology insights from websites that use certain technologies and keywords.

Say goodbye to bad data.


Drive more conversions with next generation, multi-channel touch-points and sequences. Create truly multi-channel sequences. Start with visiting a lead’s LinkedIn profile, and follow up with a personalized connection request, an Open InMail or email. Follow your prospects journey on your website and landing pages and run automatic follow-ups and nurturing sequences to engage based on customer profile or segment.

Say goodbye to the old spray and pray marketing and engage with prospects that are in the market and are ready to buy.


Innovare AI personalizes your demand generation campaigns across all digital channels – from email, website, video, ads, chatbots, direct mail and social outreach.

Automatically segment your landing page audiences by offering relevant information and lead magnets.

Add dynamic layers that enrich and update on the fly. Link email campaigns to website sales pages that are automatically personalized to each prospect.

3 x response rates with hyper-personalized messages and turn warm leads into sales leads.


Insight Driven

Track individual prospects as they interact with all of your marketing touch points. Get a single snapshot of your customer’s journey to quickly identify which actions and paths drive the highest revenue and which bottlenecks prevent conversions.


Let your sales team focus on selling and building relationships while Innovare AI takes care of your sales workflows. No more forgotten tasks or prospects left behind. Innovare AI makes sure sales teams always circle back when someone is out of the office, adds people to do-not-contact lists when requested, and never misses error-prone tasks.


Are you Ready to Predictably Grow Your Business?