In a rush to set up automation services, many companies neglect the fundamentals:  Ideal Customer Profile, Unique Value Proposition, and Revenue Model. These fundamentals form the foundation on which you can build truly effective automation.

The first thing you should think about is who is your ideal customer. You may think you want to be everything to everyone, but that is a mistake. Specializing in one thing and doing it better than anyone is a winning strategy.

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A good value proposition consists of the key objectives and goals of your ideal customer. It also shows how your solution will solve their problems and reach their goals and objectives. The best thing that a Value Proposition can do is position you as an expert because you understand your customer’s challenges.

Once you have your Ideal Customer Persona and your Unique Value Proposition, we take a look at your current revenue model. We investigate opportunities to generate additional revenue with your solution. We also discuss trends and developments in your market that will have an impact on your business model. We combine the insights and information into a compelling messaging strategy to attract your ideal clients.

When you have all these fundamentals, you are then ready for automation.

We help you automate and scale your business growth.​

Building Blocks

What segments and subsegments promise the fastest results for your solution?
An ideal customer profile is the customer that would be a perfect fit for your product or service. It describes the company that would receive the most value from your solution. The company’s description is based on real data about your customers, and it acts like a telescope to help you spot prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy your solution.
We help you to develop your ideal customer profile by looking at the profiles of your existing customers as well as their pain points, needs and objectives.
Why do your customers prefer your solution to your competitors?
A good value proposition consists of the key objectives and goals of your ideal customer. It also shows how your solution will solve their problems and reach their goals and objectives. The best thing that a UVP can do is position you as an expert because you understand your customer’s challenges.
We guide you to unveil your ideal customer’s pain points and identify how your product or solution makes their lives easier. We will help you perfect your value proposition and your ideal customer profile.
How do we maximize our ideal customers' live time value and keep selling additional services?
The success of your business will often be based on the success of your revenue model. If your revenue model works, it will generate you enough income to cover all the costs that your business will incur, but also will enable you enough profit with which you can finance the future development of your company.
We help you to understand your value chain and extend your current revenue model.
How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors and be seen as an expert by your customers?
We can help you craft a compelling messaging strategy where we are going to stop writing all about you and instead focus on your ideal customer. Because if we can describe their problems better than they can describe it themselves you're going to be immediately seen as an expert.
We help you identify what the best content strategy is for your business. Whether you need email sequences, sales pages, lead magnets, or all of the above and more, we know what works and we can show you how to do it.
How do you create an efficient conversion funnel to cut down on the cost of turning qualified leads into customers?
We will help you maximize profit from your sales conversion system.
We look at other conversion funnel systems that have been successful, and we reverse engineer and test what will work with your business model. No time is wasted on unnecessary experiments. We map each step in a funnel canvas, calculate what will make the conversion funnel profitable, and then deliver data-driven results.
How are you accelerating the customer journey and nurturing prospects through your lead generation process?
We can help you connect all the pieces of your system and automate the whole process.
Our Innovare AI platform is designed to run your lead generation engine 24/7. We handle all the technical implementations such as outbound email system setup, landing page personalization and lead capturing setup, and automating as much of your lead conversion process as possible. We provide you with an easy-to-implement framework from A to Z to reduce time to market.
How are you warming up email domains, setting up security and anti-spam measures, building domain reputation, build GDPR and CCPA conform customer databases?
Our team of experts is very familiar with the latest security technologies and requirements in order to help you protect your domain from being harmed by your marketing activities. In addition, we help you to build customer database that follow local privacy protection laws.
Are you tired of focusing on the wrong conversion strategy?
We can help you create concrete lead generation and sales goals and calculate your ROI before any work is done.
We track how people are flowing through your funnel, what is making money, what is losing money, and know at a glance if you’re hitting your goals.

Are you Ready to Predictably Grow Your Business?