Take Your B2B or B2C SaaS or Tech Company From $1M-$5M in 18 Months, While Being Wildly Profitable and Without Raising Money

Validate your sales message, add new qualified prospects to your pipeline, and scale your sales machine in a completely done-for-you service.
Here’s our exact process to supercharge your sales messaging, build your lead generation machine, and

We’ve Helped Hundreds of SaaS and Technology Businesses Build Profitable Sales Machines

Here are just some of the companies we’ve worked with:

We Work with Companies from these Accelerators and More​

Who Is This For?

If you’re a B2B or B2C SaaS or Tech founder with a product that’s already built a product, is starting to see some traction, and wants to go from $1M-$5M i18 months or less, then you are in the right place. This is not for founders that just have an idea or are just starting out. 

To qualify for our services you must have a product that’s earning at least $20/K MRR. 

We partner with CEOs and entrepreneurial companies both in the US and Europe who need C-level expertise to build a done-for-you sales machine.  It could be launching into the US for 

Bottom line…if you need to accelerate or build the sales flywheel that’s what we solve.

The Problem:

Most entrepreneurs & companies fail not because they can build products, identify markets, or price their products properly, but because they can’t sell their products and run out of money before they get traction.

We’ve seen that most founders are not equipped with the skills to translate the value of their products into a message that turns heads, grabs attention, and fills up a sales team’s calendar.

The Appointment On Demand Technology

Discover the 5-Step Method for Scaling Your SaaS or Technology Company’s Revenue Through our Done For You Sales Machine Creation

The Appointment On Demand Technology System is designed to optimize and systematize your entire sales process from messaging to sales team onboarding. 

It’s the exact process we’ve used for some of Europe’s and the US’s fastest-growing companies.

Our B2B Sales Machine:

Want Proof That We Deliver Amazing Results?

Innovare AI always goes above and beyond to help remove roadblocks. They are extremely knowledgeable of what they are doing and always give honest feedback and guidance. The Innovare AI team has great team spirit, is very supportive and quick on execution. They are an important turn key for my business to succeed.

Michelle Tsau

Avantgardist, Founder

“The program has been helpful as I scaled Memori.io during this period, particularly how your team listened to our challenges and gave us specific strategy advice to ensure that we have the right technique to carry out our experiments and achieve the best outcome.”

Queenie Chong

Founder of Memori.io

“Innovare AI helped us validate the riskiest part of our business model in a very short amount of time. Their platform and team helped us not to waste any time and money into the wrong business model.”

Julius Wiesenhütter​

Founder of Fachkraft1

“Innovare AI has really challenged me to look at how I approach different aspects of our business and has been a great partner in talking through different strategies and tools.”

Michele Munzel

CMO of Besserzuhause.com

Innovare has been instrumental in our growth. We used to struggle with lead generation and our disco calls were always unreliable. Since Innovare we can directly attribute an increase of in our ARR of $1.75M in sales. Our valuation has skyrocketed since he hired InnovareAI.


These Customers Are Already Generating Sales on Autopilot with InnovareAI-SalesKit, When Will You?

Take the Quiz, Get a Price, and See if Appointment On Demand Technology is the Solution You Need to Build A Sales Machine

FREE 60 MIN STRATEGY CALL. After you’ve taken the quiz, we’ll only extend an offer to work together with you if we genuinely believe we can help you (we have a stellar track record so we’re picky about who we bring on as clients)

Here’s What You Can Expect With Is in Just 30 Days

100% consistent lead flow within the first 90 days
Up to 30% reply rate for LinkedIn social messaging or cold emails
Predictable and scalable sales pipeline
Up to 30% reply rate for LinkedIn social messaging or cold emails
100% consistent lead flow within the first 90 days
Up to 30% reply rate for LinkedIn social messaging or cold emails
Predictable and scalable sales pipeline
Full audit and recommendations of your sales argument and proposition

Learn a Little More About Us Before Scheduling

I have been in your position. I have wanted to scale my business without a ton of risk, I have wanted to “fail fast” so I can get to success. In my 20 years as a digital marketer and startup mentor, I found many businesses that were trying to solve their growth challenges in a “risk-free” way by trying to upskill their team and trying disappointing quick fixes rather than employ real experts. This is why 90% of B2B companies don’t make it beyond three years.

You want to beat the odds? Innovare AI™ has the answers.

We know that your business needs to keep new leads coming in the door while not bogging down your sales team with dead ends.

Automating building your customer base from lead identification, nurturing, acquisition and retention is the only way to get that competitive edge. We can help you, as we have already implemented for hundreds of startups and SMEs, to gain access to customized processes and automations.

We don’t believe in the traditional sales call because we don’t believe in the traditional sales process. So much of the process of weeding through prospects through segmentation, outreach, and targeting can be automated, so why shouldn’t it be?

So our process starts with learning as much about your business as possible by exploring your ideal customer, your solution, your customers pains points and objectives and how your solution helps to solve these. Then we can model you which proven sales conversion process will work to help you grow your business fast.

We are here to help you automate, scale, and grow your business.

Thorsten Linz, CEO

We looked everywhere for a strategy on how to do this, but we found nothing specifically for European companies that wanted to profitably enter the US market. 

We decided to take matters into my own hands and start helping these founders build a US-based sales machine. 

The old way involves entering the US market without making any change to the sales message or approach.   

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