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As a startup mentor and marketing expert with more than 20 years of international experience, I am frequently confronted with companies lacking the required knowledge to generate a steady flow of paying customers. This is why I decided to build a platform, tackling exactly this – bringing demand generation to the next level.

Thorsten Linz, CEO & Co-Founder

Chona, Co-Founder and Head of Growth, joined Innovare AI in 2020. She thrives on being in the middle of the action when she can solve the toughest data and marketing process challenges.

She is an outspoken expert on data-driven digital marketing process design. Her customer focused mindset makes her an essential member of our management team and a valuable partner for our clients.

She previously worked for several digital marketing agencies, where she developed her data, digital and social media marketing skills.

Chona Lamberte, Co-Founder & Head of Growth

Mark Evans has been helping Entrepreneurs and Sales Teams for over 15 years. He’s the Chief Revenue Officer and helps entrepreneurs and growing teams take their cluttered sales process and turn it into a scalable sales process.  He’s built out highly profitable and successful sales teams at Inc. 5000 Companies and some of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States. He’s helped companies exit to private equity and has helped launch new products in 13 different countries. He’s a highly sought-after expert when it comes to the building of sales teams and systems used at some of the fastest-growing companies in the SaaS, Healthcare, Logistics, and Real Estate space.  His book Raise Your Standards: The Definitive Guide to Building Seven-Figure Sales debuted at No. 1 in Four Business Categories. 
Mark Evans, Chief Revenue Officer

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