I have been in your position. I have wanted to scale my business without a ton of risk, I have wanted to “fail fast” so I can get to success. In my 20 years as a digital marketer and startup mentor, I found many businesses that were trying to solve their growth challenges in a “risk-free” way by trying to upskill their team and trying disappointing quick fixes rather than employ real experts. This is why 90% of B2B companies don’t make it beyond three years.

You want to beat the odds? Innovare AI™ has the answers.

We know that your business needs to keep new leads coming in the door while not bogging down your sales team with dead ends.

Automating building your customer base from lead identification, nurturing, acquisition and retention is the only way to get that competitive edge. We can help you, as we have already implemented for hundreds of startups and SMEs, to gain access to customized processes and automations.

We don’t believe in the traditional sales call because we don’t believe in the traditional sales process. So much of the process of weeding through prospects through segmentation, outreach, and targeting can be automated, so why shouldn’t it be?

So our process starts with learning as much about your business as possible by exploring your ideal customer, your solution, your customers pains points and objectives and how your solution helps to solve these. Then we can model you which proven sales conversion process will work to help you grow your business fast.

We are here to help you automate, scale, and grow your business.

Thorsten Linz, CEO

Meet our Experts

Our team of specialists will help you automate and scale your lead generation using proven, data-driven conversion funnel strategies.


Growth Product Manager

Selina literally survived an on-the-job-training in a law firm, got a sneak peek into the world of event management, but turned her social media and digital marketing passion into her profession

She feels most comfortable when she is challenged by her clients with bringing digital advertising, link building, landing pages and social media altogether.

You’ll find her in her spare time spending lots of time with her dog or exercising.


Senior Growth Product Manager

Sascha, born and raised in Berlin, has been working in digital marketing since the late 90s. He has a knack developing creative solutions to complex problems and a passion for technology-driven change. After a few years as a tour guide, he’s been slowly migrating back to the business side of things again, working as a freelance social media and marketing manager, mainly for the tourism industry, before joining Innovare.

He spends most of his spare time in the outdoors on a bike or hiking trail with a way too much camera equipment in his rucksack.


Growth Product Manager

Vanessa is a real child of California. She started her career in the movie industry before she joined Google as Junior Program Manager for their cloud strategy unit. She thrives on being in the middle of the action and enjoys working with a diverse range of businesses and products.

When she is not at the office she enjoys the outdoors around Lake Merced and you can always find her sipping a latte while reading a good book at Flywheel Coffee in her Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Chona Lamberte

Growth Product Manager

Chona, born and raised in the Philippines. She is positive and passionate about every aspect of life. She believes that passion without challenges may not be passion worth pursuing.

She previously worked for several digital marketing agencies where she developed her skills in digital and social media marketing.

She spends most of her spare time playing the piano and spending time on the beach enjoying the sunshine.


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